Every year, I travel to Paris as I visit the Paris Photo Exhibition taking Place in the Grand Palais. Every time I am there, I try to discover new amazing places a little off the beaten Path. Hopefully, I can show you some spots you don`t know jet in this article.

Obviously, Paris has much more to offer than the usual Tourist Spots like Eiffel Tower & Louvre. I am always astonished by the little alleys with their coffee shops and modern art galleries. Let’s try to see Paris a little more like a local would do.

My favorite Hotel in Paris – The Mama Shelter

If I had to call out a Homebase in Paris, it would definitely the Mama Shelter. The small Hotel Chain with several Hotels all over France delivers amazing quality regarding their rooms and breakfast as well as having pristine service. Every Hotel is designed in its own unique way with a tremendous amount of details.

Adress: 109 Rue de Bagnolet, 75020 Paris, Frankreich Rooms: Starting at 79€ for a Single up to 250€ for a Suite

My favorite Coffee Shop in Paris – CAFÉ CRAFT

Not to far from the Railway Station Gare du Nord, you can find CAFÉ CRAFT. The small coffee shop owned by a couple is not only good for having a good filter coffer but is a coworking space too! You can just sit down, sip your coffee and enjoy free wifi.

Adress: 24 Rue des Vinaigriers, 75010 Paris, Frankreich

Cocktails in Paris – Experimental Cocktail Club

The Beef Club Ballroom, Paris, France

There are plenty of bars in a city like Paris. One of the best ones is Experimental Cocktail Club. They serve high quality cocktails that come for a price. Most Drinks start at 10€ upwards but they are really worth it. They do serve the classic Negroni or Prince of Wales as well as a couple amazing Signature Drinks. Just make sure to reserve upfront as it gets packed easily on weekends.

Adress: 37 Rue Saint-Sauveur, 75002 Paris, Frankreich Drinks: 10€ upwards

yam’Tcha Restaurant

Some of you know the yam’Tcha in Paris maybe from the Series Chefs Table on Netflix. Owned by a French / Japanese married couple, they offer a mixture of french high cuisine & Asian specialities like Dim Sum.

Even though this place is far away from a bargain, it is worth every euro. The Restaurant describes its style with Haute Cusine / Fusion.

Adress:121 Rue Saint Honoré, 75001 Paris, Frankreich
Phone: 01 40 26 08 07 (reserve 2-3 weeks in advance!) Lunch: 60-100€
Dinner: 100€+

Speakeasy Bar in Paris – Moonshiner Paris

I am standing in a pizza place called “Da Vito” in Rue Sedaine when a huge fridge catches my attention. When enter the fridge you can find a secret door on the back side of the fridge which leads you straight into the Moonshiner Bar. Standing in this bar feels like I time travelled back to the prohibition. This bar screams prohibition from its interior to its drinks.

Adress: 5 Rue Sedaine, 75011 Paris, Frankreich
Drinks: 7-14€

Moonshiner Facebook Seite

Paris Photo

The Paris Photo was the reason why I travelled to Paris the first time. Every year in November, the world’s biggest photographic exhibition takes place in the Grand Palais. This is the chance to see amazing photographic work of the world’s most renown photographers first hand. From the early works of Robert Capa during D-Day to new work of Photographers like Sebastiao Salgado you can see them all!

Paris Photo Website

*Do you have any Tips? I should try out next time I am in Paris? Let me know! *