In December 2016, I visited Vienna for the first time in my life and I directly felt in love with it. The following tips aim to give you a good starting point for your trip to Vienna and I am always happy to hear your thoughts and suggestions on amazing places to eat. Welcome to my personal Food Guide to Vienna!

Neni am Naschmarkt

First in the Food Guide to Vienna is Neni am Naschmarkt is a Fusion / Arabic Food stall at the famous Naschmarkt in the Center of the 5th Quarter in Vienna. The Owner Neni serves mainly food inspired by the Arabic cuisine.

As you can see on the pictures, I had an amazing Dinner including Hummus with fresh bread as a starter for 4.90€ and Lamb with Bulgur for 11.90€ as main. The original Nana Mint tea added up for the perfect Arabic Food Experience right in the Heart of Vienna.

The Service was extremely welcoming and even brought a bowl of water for Lord Henry. The food itself did not even take 10 minutes to serve which was amazing because I was starving!

Adress: Naschmarkt 510, 1060 Vienna
Pricing: Starters 4-7€, Mains 9 – 14€
Online: Neni am Naschmarkt

Cafe Liebling

Very Central in the hip 6th Quarter, you can find Cafe Liebling. When you stand in front of the cafe, you won`t imagine how big it is from the inside.

Cafe Liebling Vienna The Breakfast is fresh and the coffee is delicious. If you are vegetarian or vegan, there are plenty of alternatives.

Cafe Liebling Vienna When you not around at breakfast time, this place is good for a gin tonic as well as they become a bar after breakfast time. They serve local beer as well as the usual longdrinks.
Cafe Liebling Vienna

Adress: Zieglergasse 6, 1070 Vienna
Pricing: Breakfast 8 – 12€ per Person
Online: Cafe Liebling in Vienna

Cafe an der Burggasse 24

When I first walked into this Cafe, I was standing right in a second hand store. They serve great coffee next to delicious cakes!

Adress: Burggasse 24, 1070 Vienna
Pricing: Latte Machiato 4€, Espresso Doppio 2.50€
Online: Cafe Burggasse 24

Joseph Brot

if you are looking for simply the best breakfast in Vienna – you just found it. Joseph Brot once was a small bakery but now managed to run a very successful chain of 3 bakeries and one cafe in Vienna. If you are having breakfast somewhere else and you read “Joseph Brot” on the Menu, it is very likely that they have Joseph Brot as their supplier.

Adress: Landstraßer Hauptstraße 4, 1030 Vienna
Pricing: The Healthy Breakfast 14€ but well worth it
Online: Joseph Brot Website

Let me know what you think about my Vienna Food Guide and if you have some additional interesting places I should show here!