Dear Mr Trump,
you will become the next commander in chief of the most powerful country in the world.
People voted for you because they believe in what you said to them. Please don’t use the power you have given by the people of America to do the wrong things.

I am in fear for my friends living in your country and I am in fact in fear for myself and my family in Germany too and I tell you why:

You have the power to start a war as some of your previous office bearers did. Please don’t misuse that power as it will kill many thousands of innocent people. Not only people who live in the countries you start wars with but for people of the countries who have to support you as well.

You have the power to throw out any citizen with a migration background out of your country and forbid new immigrants to enter your country. Please take a moment and think about what these people have gone through as they left their home under risk of death and travelled thousands of miles, just hoping to find a safe place where they do not need to fear a bomb dropping on the roof of their house.

You have the power to use nuclear weapons on your enemies. Please think very carefully of using this power that will cost hundreds of thousand people their lives. It is the most powerful and horrible weapon you have – please don’t start a nuclear war as it will not only destroy your enemies but will destroy your country too.

You have also the power to change the American healthcare system back to where it was. Please think very carefully if it is morally right to confront people in need with hospital bills they can not pay. Our Health is the most important thing we have – please keep that in mind when beeing the most powerful man on the planet.

You surely know the saying a man grows with his tasks. I wish you deep from my heart that you will grow with this task and will be as good as the president before you. You have a ton of experienced people in your cabinet who will help you with the burden you have to carry on your shoulders.

Thank you
Martin Förster