I was looking for a proper tungsten light medium format film for quite a while now and there it is! Cinestillfilm is releasing its famous Tungsten 800 35mm Film for Medium Format Cmaeras. It`s called Cinestill 120.

The Name CineStill is telling part of the story before we even shot a single frame. The CineStill was developed for Cinema movies but Cinestillfilm invented a process to remove the back side protection layer. This allows us to develop the film in every normal C41 development process.

Even the 35mm film is quite pricey but you can get a roll for around 12$ at the big photography stores.
The Medium Format Film is only available trough Indigogo in a pack of 5 for 83$ incl. shipping.

I recently tested the film for the first time and while I write this blogpost, my lab is developing the rolls. Stay tuned, I will post the results on Instagram!