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The Hunt for a decent pair of Bluetooth Headphones finally comes to an end. BEOPLAY just sent me the H5 Bluetooth Headphones to try them out and it looks like I found exactly what I was looking for so long.

I always had the idea to find a good quality pair of Bluetooth headphones but so far I did not find ones, that matched the quality of my Over-Ear Headphones. When I stumbled across the H5, first thing I noticed was their amazingly well-made Website

One week later, I got my hands on the headphones and put them to a serious test: A Crossfit Workout. Crossfit Workouts are extremely sweaty and full of fast movements. Not only that these headphones sound amazing, the included memory foam earpieces make sure they stay in even during the craziest burpee session.

Beoplay H5

Taking the BEOPLAY H5 for a run

Let’s quickly put on my Running Playlist on Spotify and off I go for a quick jog. 45 Minutes and 7km later, I am full of sweat and starting asking myself if these headphones are really water resistant or not. The headphones are still working like a charm and did not even lose 10% of Battery during my run

The BEOPLAY H5 in the daily use test

What I hate the most when I am commuting is the cables of my headphones that are always tangling up. Putting the H5 on really shuts you out from the environment. I am sitting in the tube and enjoying my new freedom of not having cables around while playing with my phone. What enhances the sound of the H5 quite a bit is the use of the BEOPLAY app which lets you tweak the sound exactly how you like it.

Obviously, these headphones are not made purely for sports activities but if you want to have great sound while you are on the go these ones are made for you!

Thank you so much BEOPLAY for sending me these amazing headphones over! I love them!