In my early days, I didn`t really care much about food.
I mainly wanted to have it fast and delicious without taking care about where it came from or how sustainable it might be. Today, I like to describe myself as a foodie – a person who cares about good food. But how did I get there?

How everything changed

For me, my whole view about food changed when I first saw the documentary Earthlings which is about the ways how cheap food is produced and what the human does to the planet in the way he consumes food.

From that day I set myself a set of rules I am committed to following as much as I can. Maybe they help you as well when trying to find the best and in the same time most sustainable food.

Buy Local Food as often as you can

The support of local farmers and companies not only helps the local economy and environment but as well guarantees the freshest food possible. As much as I like sweet potatoes, I find it more and more questioning to let my food travel all around the planet.

Care about quality – even if it costs more

I found out how much I need to care about quality when I first bought a couple organic certified tomatoes and strawberries. The taste was so rich and defined without too much water you normally expect from tomatoes or strawberries. Hands down, good quality food isnt cheap. A kilogram of high-quality organic strawberries easily cost you 15€ or more but it is well worth it.
<h3 id="stopeatingconveniencefoodfortherestofyourlife">Stop eating convenience food for the rest of your life</h3>
Every time I look on the backside of one of these ready made lasagnas, I constantly ask myself what these ingredients I never heard about are. E245? Glutoblablablablamat? Come one, I just want a lasagne! Beef, Tomato, Cheese, Noodles, a pinch of salt and pepper and a whole lot of bechamel sauce - nothing more, nothing less.
<h3 id="appreciatehighqualityrestaurants">Appreciate high-quality restaurants</h3>
Every time I hear people complaining about the prices some restaurants have, I end up in a conversation about food quality. I spend a significant amount of my monthly income in great restaurants and I do that because I appreciate the quality of the food and the creativity the chef put into his work. For me, it is much more worth to spend 50€ in one restaurant then 5 times 10€ in Mc Donalds.
<h3 id="learntocook">Learn to cook</h3>
One of the things I enjoy most next to photography is definitely cooking. Even if this wasn
t always easy for me, cooking with high-quality ingredients is a lot of fun and has a steep learning curve – at least for the ones of us who burned an expensive piece of meat in their early cooking days.

Do you feel the same way? I am curious to hear what you think, is a foodie.