Today I want to tell you a little bit about the photography gear I take with me when I travel. I try to limit myself to the most important stuff to save weight and not slow myself down. In the same time I want the maximum possible quality.

The Ultimate Travel Photography Gear Setup

Of course, I tend to take my Camera with me 😉 But what does that mean in detail? I tried to give you a comprehensive list of the stuff I use or used during my shoots. I will focus on the gear I currently use and try to explain why I use it.

Fuji XT 2

Not too long ago, I switched to this beautiful Camera and gave my beloved Leica M240 away. and I can tell you why. This camera is exactly what every travel photographer needs. Its lightweight, water resistant and delivers superb quality. For me, Fuji is way ahead of every other camera manufacturer at the moment. Trough my cooperation with Fotoleistenschneider, a german camera store chain, I am able to work with this camera for the next year and learn more about the Fuji System and its advantages.

Fujinon 14mmm

My favorite Choice when doing Landscape or Street Work. 14mm equals 21mm on full frame cameras. I have to admit, this is a quite special lens and I use it only for landscape shots or some street photography jobs where I need that wide angle.

Fujinon 23mm

When walking around the streets – this is my main lens. Not too wide for portraits and not too close for street scenes. 23mm equals 35mm on a full frame camera. During my Trip in Indonesia, this was the lens I used the most with almost 75% of my shots taken with this lens.

Fujinon 35mm

On a full frame camera you would call this one the Nifty Fifty. Amazing sharpness and fast focus as well as water resistance makes this one the perfect portrait lens to have on your camera all the time – if you are in people photography like me.

Fujinon 56mm

As it equals a 85mm on a full frame camera, this one is a special thing for special occasions. I nearly exclusively use it for headshots with f/1.2 and it delivers remarkable results in terms of sharpness and micro contrast.

LaCie Rugged 2TB

You have to get one thing straigt – backing up your data is maybe the most important thing on every photographic trip. The LaCie Rugged Harddrives are simply the best on the market and every professional I know uses them for good. They come in various sizes and configurations (thunderbolt, usb-3, usb-c)

I will write an extensive article about my backup strategy in the next weeks. Stay tuned.

DJI Mavic

I felt in love with this beautiful drone from the first moment I owned it. It allows me to capture images I would have never been able to shoot before without compromising my creative vision.

Gopro Hero 5 Black

Simply the best Action Cam out there. Especially the new model with its built in Touchscreen makes filming epic footage easy.

Gopro Karma Stick

I bought the Karma Stick pretty much last minute when I realized, that the electronic image stabilization of my Hero 5 doesn`t do the job well enough to satisfy

Peak Design Everyday Backpack

Some of you may know it, I am a Peak Design Brand Ambassador and Pro Team Member. Sure thing, that I recommend their newest creation: The Everyday Backpack.

All the Gear mentioned above fits in there and it really is the ideal travel companion.

Garmin Dakota 20 GPS

Even though my phone has gps functionality, I appreciate having a long lasting device to geotag my images as well as navigating myself trough the thick jungle or long roads of south east asia. This device easily holds a full day on AA Batteries and gets filled with Open Street Map Data so you don`t have to buy expensive maps.

I did not mention stuff like a laptop and a smartphone seperately in this post but I use a Macbook Pro 13″ and a Google Pixel if you might wonder.

The Fuji XT2 and its corresponding lenses were lended to me by