I am pretty addicted to buying photo books. A friend asked a couple weeks ago to name my most favourite ones and I wasn`t really able to answer his question right away. I spent the last two weeks looking to my way over 50 Photobooks and curating my most favourite ones. The books below are the ones that influenced me the most in the way I am working as a portrait photographer. I hope you enjoy these amazing bodies of work.

Steve McCurry – Iconic Photographs

James Nachtwey – Inferno

James Nachtwey spent his whole career documenting the most horrible and brutal conflicts all over the world. Inferno is the result of 30 years war photography. When I look through this A3 Coffee Book Size Body of Work, I am fascinated and frightened at the same time. 

Jimmy Nelson – Before they pass away

Before they pass away is an amazing documentation of the last hidden tribes around the world. Jimmy Nelson travelled with his large format camera to document these tribes in their national environment.

   *I will add more books as soon as I find some cool ones. If you know any I should know about post it in the comments below! *