As a Gentleman, I love my Gin & Tonic. In this Post, I would like to present you some of the best Gin Brands from Germany that are not as well known as for example Hendricks Gin.

Siegfried Gin

Siegfried Gin

 Coming from the small Town of Bonn near Cologne, Siegfried Gin is already well known by local Gin Enthusiasts. Using Linden as their dominant botanical – this gin works really well when adding lemon zest and a fresh floral Tonic.

The guys recently opened their own bar serving a small and highest quality bar menu including many gin tonic variants as well as signature drinks with their own „Siggi“ Gin.

Wayfarer Gin

Wayfarer Distillery Gin

 What happens if you get fed up with your office job as a strategy consultant and start living your dream can be seen here – Benedict did exactly that and started Wayfarer Gin as a small Boutique Gin Distillery from my Hometown Cologne.

When I tasted Wayfarer the first time, I was on the hunt for a Gift for Friends. I wasn’t aware that this Gin, the Guys from Bel Booze Cologne offered me this day would blow away a lot I have tasted until then.

If you are up for some real handcrafted booze, this one is exactly the right one for you. Expect to be blown away by its taste and the different botanicals in it.

Also, check out the Signature Drink I created for them!

Windspiel Gin

Windspiel Premium Dry Gin

 Windspiel Gin is the one with the highest amount of Alcohol in it and comes right from the heart of Germany. The small Company produces everything themselves – starting with the base alcohol made from Potatoes.

Having Lemon and cinnamon as their dominant botanicals next to Juniper makes this a great gin to drink pure as well as together with their own Windspiel Tonic.

Tonka Gin

Tonka Gin

 The Idea to Tonka Gin came when the two owners enjoyed some Gin Cocktails in Mallorca, Spain. The Bartender that day – was somewhat obsessed with Tonka Beans it seems.

Years later – a little idea transformed into a greatly handcrafted Gin – using the Tonka Bean as one of its main Botanicals. I found this Gin especially suitable for Winter Drinks using cinnamon, Vanilla or Orange as ingredients.

August Gin

August Gin

 I was looking for A Gin using Kadamon as one of their main Botanicals. August Gin delivers exactly that. It smells like vanilla and pepper and has a great complex texture.

Berliner Brandstifter

Berliner Brandstifter Gin

Producing only 9999 Bottles per Year – this Premium Gin has strong citrus notes and comes with a beautiful bottle Design too. Right from the Heart of the Capital Berlin, this Gin aims to be amongst Germanys best.

Granit Gin

Granit Bavarian Gin

 The small boutique distillery Penninger created this amazing Granit Gin. Using botanicals from Bavaria, Germany, this Gin gets filtrated through Granit Stone. That makes this Gin super smooth and light in its taste.

The Duke Gin

The Duke Gin

 The Duke Gin comes from the Capital of southern Germany – Munich. It’s a delicious dry gin that works best with a fruity tonic like Thomas Henry Mediterranean Tonic.

Applaus Gin

Applaus Gin

 I was a little confused when I first opened the package sent by the guys from Applaus Gin. Not only a bottle of Gin – two pairs of socks were in the package as well. For me, clearly a homage to traditional chivalry.

I hope you enjoyed my selection of the best Gin Brands from Germany. If you know Brands that I did not show here let me know! I am always happy to try out new stuff!