I travel a lot for business or for leisure and I am always suprised how many people come unprepared when boarding a plane. The following tips hopefully help you a little bit to enjoy your next travel a little bit more.


If you travel a lot, to invest in a high-quality piece of hand luggage. My little Rimowa goes with me all the time and is as undestroyable as my Freitag Laptop Bag. If I travel only for up to a week, these two are the only luggage I carry to avoid waiting at the baggage claim for ages.

To avoid trouble during the security check – unpack your laptop and e-book reader beforehand. The security staff needs to scan it separately from the rest of your hand luggage. This applies to cameras or iPads too.

Make sure to put your hand luggage with the handle facing you into the overhead compartment. Saves you a lot of hassle when you leave the plane.


Traveling is a privilege. Make sure to be dressed adequately. Make sure to be well dressed without wearing a suit. Your Outfit needs to be comfortable and classy at the same time.

My suggestions for business flights:
Wear a comfortable long sleeve and a chino. You can`t make a wrong choice here and you are well dressed even when your client picks you up from the airport.


Travel etiquette

Good behaviour is important especially in packed places like aeroplanes.

* Who uses the armrest first owns it.

* The flight is booked and you are at the checkin on time. But still, people rush into the plane as if you get anything for free or if there are not enough seats for everyone. After 30+ Business Trips, I learned that no plane ever left without the last guest in the line boarded the plane.

* It is a question of good behaviour the give the people you are dealing with your full attention and remove your earpods or sunglasses while you talk to them. These people do an extraordinary important job in taking care of our security. It is important to appreciate that.

important travel companions

* a good pair of Oropax. Costs you 2€ but saves you hours of sleplessness during flights.

* A good book – even if it is an ebook brings you through the most boring flight and waiting times.

* A Sleeping mask – Might not look too manly, but really is a lifesaver if you want to have a good sleep.

What are your tips for a relaxed travel?